Food Trends

There’s nothing more exciting for the taste buds then taking a culinary tour of the world. Combining the citrus tang of Thai cuisine, the robust flavor of French sauces and Chinese cooking techniques are only a few new food trends. Ethnic cuisine is what makes me tick. I was a chef in Manhattan and Los Angeles for many years. These cities are home to mom and pop restaurants from around the globe. Learning to cook ethnic dishes from these countries lets me share in their culture and enjoy new tastes. Preparing Caribbean, Chinese, Japanese, Latin, French, Italian (the list goes on) was a very exciting part of my career and now is the cornerstone of my business Simply Gourmet. My wedding fare usually includes specialties from around the globe and America.

Many brides are now choosing menus based on their families roots. Every week brides are asking for food that reminds them of something grandma used to cook. They are in search of the tastes that bring them back to a simpler time. Last week we catered a very eclectic wedding~a bride from Korea and a groom from Charleston. These are the challenges that give me an opportunity to create many of my signature presentations. For the bride, I prepared a traditional Korean barbeque. Thinly sliced marinated, grilled sirloin strips, served with assorted lettuces for wrapping, whole roasted garlic cloves, cilantro, and scallions. Throw in Kim Chee and Korean good-luck Wedding soup and we had one happy bride. The grooms requests were right in my comfort zone~shrimp and grits, smokey andouille crusted snapper and buttermilk biscuits with tangelo butter~viola! We also had a vegetarian station that bridged the cultural gap~a 12 vegetable cobb salad, grilled asparagus and morel mushroom antipasto and a creamy potatoes au gratin triangle.

One of my favorite dishes is Singapore Noodles. Asian spiced noodles and vegetables with all the accoutrements on the side~garlic/ginger shrimp, scallions, cilantro, peanuts and lime wedges. At an event, guests are served the noodles and are free to garnish with their favorite ingredients as they wish. Giving the opportunity to personalize dishes is exciting to watch. Above all, have fun creating your wedding menu. I always ask the bride and groom what their favorite foods are. There’s your starting point for planning a menu that will make your dream day a reality. Unique presentation and ethnic flavors combine to make memories only great food can create.

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