Belgian Chocolate Cup
Miniature Fruit Tartlet
Petite Berry Napoleon
Pina Colada Tartlet
Key Lime Tartlet
Lemon Curd Tartlet
Coconut Custard Tartlet
Banana Brûlée Tartlet
Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cup

Key Lime
Chocolate Mousse
Strawberry Shortcake
Chilled Coconut Sipper

Chocolate Chunk
Oatmeal Raisin Spice
Double Chocolate Truffle Chunk
Almond Amaretti


Vanilla Bean Ice Cream/Country Oatmeal Cookie Crumbles
Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunks/Chocolate Sauce
House Roasted Almonds/Chantilly Cream/Cherries

Chocolate Grand Marnier Truffles/Cocoa Dust, Chocolate/Hazelnut Truffles

Costa Rican Pineapple/Meyers Rum Sauté/Vanilla Essence
Vanilla Ice Cream/Shaved Coconut Garnish

Caramelized Banana Slices/Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Sauté
Butter Pecan Ice Cream/Toasted Pecan Garnish

Granny Smith Apples/Puff Pastry/Apricot Glaze
Gingered Whipped Cream

Apricot Halves/Puff Pastry/Orange Marmalade Glaze
White Chocolate Whipped Cream

Espresso Soaked Lady Fingers/Layers of Mascarpone/Whipped Cream
Dark Chocolate Shavings

Layers of Crispy Phyllo Pastry/Walnuts, Honey/Orange Glaze

New York Style/Fresh Fruit Garnishes

Tender Sugared Biscuits, Fresh Cassis Marinated Strawberries/Whipped Cream

Lemon Zest Pound Cake Triangle, Stewed Bing Cherries/Zinfandel Wine Sauce Whipped Cream

Granny Smith Apples/Spices/Walnut Oatmeal Streusel Crust
Chantilly Cream

Strawberries, Cassis/Strawberry Jam Marinade, Whipped Cream/Chiffon Cake Square

Wisconsin Cheddar/Imported Swiss/Spanish Bleu
Fresh Roasted Almonds/Cashews, Dried Apricots/Figs, Assorted Crackers

Dark Chocolate Mousse/Pastry Cream, Raspberry Essence/Flaky Puff Pastry

Vanilla Scented Bread Pudding, Crème Anglaise/Pecan Crumble

Seasonal Berry Medley/Pastry Cream/Chantilly Cream/Flaky Puff Pastry


Dark Chocolate Cake, Bing Cherry Bavarian Cream
Semi-Sweet Chocolate Glaze

Sponge Cake, Chocolate Mousse Layers, Fresh Orange Juice/Grand Marnier
Chopped Almond Garnish

Sponge Cake, Chantilly Cream Layers, Framboise Marinated Strawberries
Walnut Garnish

Casis Marinated Strawberries, Crispy Puff Pastry, Chantilly Cream