To Buffet or Not Buffet

To Buffet or Not Buffet ~ That is the question

When planning your wedding or event, what style of service best suits your needs and budget: Table or Buffet Service? Both styles of service will thrill your guests, but you have the vision for your perfect day.

You might enjoy the elegance of table service while another bride enjoys the bounteous look of an artfully displayed buffet presentation. Both styles of service have their benefits and actually cost approximately the same. Buffet presentation is more expensive on the food end and less on the labor. We have to provide extra food for any guests that enjoy a return trip.  Our buffets are elegantly attended by our service staff who will serve each item and keep the buffet beautiful and running smoothly. During buffet service, each table will be invited to the buffet in an organized fashion. This style also creates an ambience for guests to mingle and socialize.

Table service is more formal, but your guests will enjoy the beauty of a well-composed garnished plate. It requires more servers because more hands are needed for assembling. When you send out your invitation’s guests will choose between different protein options. Since your guests decide in advance, the meals can be served quickly – no delay in service. This way everyone is a VIP and the kitchen/wait staff already know your guests’ orders and where they will be seated. If keeping track of orders doesn’t appeal to you, we offer a duet plate. Two complimentary proteins nestled with delicious side dishes of your choosing. The choices are many and we can help you come up with some fantastic options.

We would love to discuss the best style of service for your special day when you come in for your one-on-one consultation.

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